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omg i love her

thank you so freaking much c: 

this is from my “10 reasons its okay to be single” video

the video is HERE just fyi 

THIS. all the reasons why I’m content with being single.

You are so perfect and inspiring and it would mean the world to me if you noticed me ok ily

*notices you* (;

I fuckin love her so much.

I was never big on watching inspirational videos bc i felt they all said the sane thing, but the i saw your videos and it seriously changed my opinion. You’re doing a great job.

The support I get from you guys is unreal and it honestly makes me want to cry like I’ve gotten 650 subscribers in the past few weeks and I cannot wait to get my new camera stuff so I can start posting more, especially once I move to college in a couple weeks. Thank you guys it means the world that I’m able to help so much!!!

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